Extreme’s downturn chine is an integral part of the boats design. The downturn chine runs complete from transom right through to the bow.
In conjunction with Extreme’s wide waterline beam, the chine prevents broaching in a trailing sea by producing hydrodynamic lift keeping the boat tracking straight. The chine also allows for tight level turns. Keeping you stable on the water.

And the benefits don’t stop there. By diverting spray down and away from the boat, the Extreme design allows for a much dryer ride than a conventional hull.
At rest, the wide waterline beam and chine keep the boat stable. The Extreme is less reliant on water ballast due to this, as the boat is more naturally buoyant. There is also the added benefit of more floor width across the boat. Pretty handy when fishing 3 or 4 wide across the transom.
With so many benefits, why settle for a conventional hull?