Extreme plate boats are extremely well thought out and nothing’s an afterthought.

We often miss the little things when buying a plate boat. And after a few times out in the boat you see something that really annoys you. Not on an Extreme plate alloy boat.

Take the time to look at the detail on the Extreme plate boats, especially the little things.

Take the welded bungs for example. No ugly rivets that corrode in saltwater.

From bungs, foot rests that are not tack welded, double lined wheel-house, concealed floor deck hatch hinges (no toe stubbing on deck hatches flapping about), counter levered seats that allow for more deck space and the welded in rod holders that have no ugly rivets.

At boat shows we constantly get comments about the finish of these boats. They look that good that people often don’t believe they are a plate alloy boats. They constantly tap on the sides of the plate alloy to test it.

People look at the rounded edges, run their hands along the boat and we even get comments from boat builders (That work for other plate boat companies!) that cant believe the effort and detail of the Extreme range.

See for yourself!

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