Well, through the entire Extreme range, the two most compared boats are probably the 605 and the 645. Today we're going to have a bit of a look through both models, compare a few of the features, and have a look at what the differences are. 

So where are we using these boats? Our 605 Game King is great for our estuaries, rivers and bays. And plenty of guys are using them offshore as they are more than capable. 

Moving into our 645, it's a boat that's more at home in the larger bays and regularly used offshore. 

The 605 is the smallest in the Game King range that incorporates a full wheelhouse. In the 605, we've still got excellent side protection from our side pillar walls coming right back to the seating area. We've got our extension of the rear, pop-out Bimini, gaining that sun protection over our fishing area.

To continue and compare the 605 and the 645 and even right through the Game King range, the 605 has a wide beam with the waterline, which gives you that width across the wheelhouse, creating space. 

The design of the downturn chine carries right through up to the bow of the boat, continuing that dry ride and stability in a trialling sea. 

For people that are doing a little bit of offshore work, or mainly fishing in their bays and estuaries, the 605 Game King is still at home. 

People that are mainly fishing offshore and still doing a little bit of inshore work we're finding are gravitating towards the 645 as the beam of the boat is slightly broader, and our wheelhouse is slightly longer, making the 645 more at home offshore.

The Extreme 645 Game King. You get in it, and you can feel that it is a bigger boat than the 605. Our beam width has increased by around 70 mm. Our wheelhouse has grown in length. And with that extra width, you can feel that we are in a bigger boat and you start to get a feel of the offshore capabilities of the six and a half metre boat. 

The 645 wheelhouse. We've got rails overhead now. If we're tracking offshore, you want to be able to hang on nice and tight. 

Our dash design is the same in both boats. We've got flush-mounted electronics. We've now got our anchor winch controls, switch panels, trim tab controls. Our side pockets, again now have increased in length. Our sliding windows have increased in size.

The protection you get from the 645 wheelhouse comes right back behind the driver and passenger seats. The people that are standing behind are still getting the protection of that wheelhouse. 

We've got complete protection right past the seat. And again, with the vision of the wheelhouse, whether we're sitting or standing, we've got perfect vision. So if you are tracking home on a dirty day, your vision's not compromised in any way.

Our 605 Game King still has the same dash layout that we find right through the Game King range. Large dash facia. We can flush-mount head units up to 12 inches. 

We've still got our command link gauge, trim tab control, switch panels, VHF radios. Even though we're in the smaller boat of the range, there's no compromise on space. 

We incorporate an aluminium moulded glovebox. The glove box is fully lined and carpeted.  Extreme runs a dual skin; it enables us to have a generous side pocket. Again, it's edge trimmed and carpeted.

The space in the wheelhouse of the 605 Game King sets them apart from other six-metre boats on the market. You've got proper protection when driving and, again, vision when sitting. We've got clear vision when standing, and we've got that protection from the elements if we are coming home offshore on a dirty day. 

Seating with our cantilevered setup. We've got our footrest across the bottom. The forward cabin area is still partitioned off completely and able just to run our privacy curtain.

And well there's no hiding. We're in Victoria, and it is the middle of June. And I'm here in shorts with bare feet. With numb feet, there is nothing worse than stubbing your toe on something. 

As you've come to expect with Extreme, our outstanding hatch has concealed hinges that sit under the hatch floor. The deck is incredibly functional and clean. 

The 605 Game King still incorporates a generous size forward cabin area. As we mentioned earlier, it's fully lined. We've got side pockets, either side for storage. It's fully trimmed with squabs with the ability to fit a direct discharge toilet in the 605 Game King. 

If you do overnight, or if you're up late/early, chasing a snapper, you can still get up here and get out of the elements and get a bit of warmth from the lined cabin and have a laydown.

In our 645, our cabin has also grown in length. Guys that are doing a bit more overnighting find that's a more suitable cabin to get a reasonable night's sleep. We've got dual side pockets in our 645. Everything starts to get a little bit bigger, so we gain a lot more. 

The standard features throughout both the 605 Game King and the 645 Game King are very comparable. The 605 Game King, the smallest in the Game King range. We don't sacrifice on features. 

Our transom setup is the same right through the Extreme range. We've got an uncompromised walkthrough transom. A large bait tank, which has our clear window/fully plumbed and a dual battery locker area. Again, it's raised off the ground to keep our floor clean and clear and sealed away.

Our transom doors slide in so that when we are using the boat offshore, we've got that protection from water. 

Our bait board is fully moulded, which you can find right through the range. I think it's excellent that Extreme can still include all their features from their entire range in this 605 Game King. 

With our 605 Game King still incorporating, (as you've come to expect with Extreme), a large downturn chine that runs all the way around to the bowline, it's got tremendous spray deflection. 

It's got excellent stability in a trailing sea, as the downturn chine generates lift and helps keep our boat nice and stable as an ocean swell can push your boat around. It's still at home offshore. And that's why it's such a versatile model. 

People that are focusing on their bays and using their boats offshore as well do end up in 605s.

The 645, the beam does jump out slightly. And, of course, keel length extends. The characteristics of the performance between the two boats are near identical. Of course the 645 does it a little bit easier as it's a little bit bigger. 

The entire range of Extreme boats are boats built for fishing. The Kiwis are mad at their fishing, and it shows in their products. 

Standard Extreme features include overhead rod racks on all Game Kings. Rod storage on our bait boards. Flush-mounted rod holders through our gunwales and plenty of storage of things like gaffs in our side pockets. 

These boats genuinely are set up for fishing. Our live bait tanks with the clear windows are a great example of that. The positioning of our bait boards being at good heights and trays for sinkers, for pliers, for knives, etc. These boats are tremendous fishing boats.

Extreme boats have standardised the fitment of trim tabs to their entire range, 645 and up. At Inverloch Marine, we have continued to this through to our 605 Game King as well to ensure the standard package that you're getting includes all of the necessary items. 

Across the entire Extreme range, Extreme don't drop under 4mm plate alloy. So they're full, complete wheelhouse, the structure is tremendous. 

The wheelhouse roof can be utilised for storage if you're doing weekend trips away strapping swags and bags on the roof. 

Radars, solar panels can easily be implemented. Standing and casting from the roof is secure due to the strength of the wheelhouse. 

The 605 Game King, is the smallest in the Game King range, but still packed full of those standard features you have come to expect from Extreme throughout their entire range. 

With the 605, you can walk around the side decks for docking or exiting the front of the boat. We've still got a wholly concealed anchor winch within the bow of the boat, nothing protruding up through. 

Live bait tank, standard feature. Dual battery lockers, standard feature. The protection from the wheelhouse as we had a look earlier, standard feature. 

So the Extreme 605 Game King, 645 Game King, as we've seen, if you're predominantly inshore, fishing 70% in the bays, 30% offshore, your 605's probably your boat. If you're more at home offshore, but still like getting up your bays and estuaries, 645's more than at home. 

I hope this has helped you to find out which model's going to suit you the best. 

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