Extreme Plate Boats Test Drive

At Inverloch Marine, we want to get you behind the wheel of an Extreme plate alloy boat. You might think we are biased but believe that these are the best plate boats available in Australia (and New Zealand too).

When you test drive an Extreme plate boat with us, we aim to get you in similar conditions as to where you plan to use your boat. If you fish offshore, we will get you offshore so you can see how the boat performs in swell and ocean conditions. If you fish in the bays, we will take you for a run in the bay.

What you will find is that Extreme boats are very stable and perform well in a range of conditions. This is due to the design of the Extreme, with the wide waterline beam and reverse chines not only do you get a dry ride, but a stable one too. Give us a bell and organise a test drive to see for yourself.